Gong Cha (Tribute Tea) origin back a long way at around 1000 BC in ancient China. You’re next in line and still cracking your head over what to drink, and With 58 beverages on the menu, Gong Cha’s menu doesn’t make this task easier – but no one’s complaining. Prices are different from in-store. Tea fit for royalty Learn more about Gong Cha. Everyone loves some milk tea – just get it with lesser sugar like we did. 340 / 2,000 cal left. AMERICANO CON MILK FOAM. 1. Nutritional Info. Calorie Goal 1,850 cal. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy . Yum! Mango Matcha Latte. All our teas are freshly brewed every four hours and each drink is customized with your preference of ice and sugar level... making Gong Cha Tea Fit for Royalty. Green Tea. See details. 03 Brewed Teas. Taro Milk Tea Nutritional Info Blog Dandk October 9, 2018 Taro milk tea calories no boba 22 taro milk tea powder mix taro bubble tea nutrition 2bstronger com gong cha spills their calorie counts on 215 / 2,000 cal left. 1. Image: Gong Cha Singapore. The Healthier Choice drinks include milk-based teas like Purple Sweet Potato Milk Tea. 683*1024. Bubble Tea aka Pearl Milk tea aka Boba Milk Tea. Enjoy great bubble tea in Singapore, freshly presented, with the highest quality and expectations of beverages from Gong Cha. $4.25. Toppings. When autocomplete results are available, use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Creative Mix - Cold. Log Food. No delivery fee on your first order. $4.00. Have you been th…, Milk Tea – Green | Black | Oolong | Earl Grey, Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J’s(with Pearls, Pudding & Herbal Jelly), Green Tea – Strawberry | Mango | Passionfruit | Lemon, Yogurt Drink – Mango | Lemon | Strawberry, Tea Latte – Green | Black | Oolong | Earl Grey, Milk Foam – Original | Strawberry | Oreo | Matcha. So instead of wasting empty calories on white and tasteless tapicoa, you can get delicate and slightly cooling 'aiyu' that are actually low in calories and somewhat healthier. Medium: P95. Don’t forget our new Brooklyn store is open - 1698 East 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11229. Daily Goals. Signature Milk Foam Series. Signature Milk Foam Series. Log Food. Tribute tea or Gong Cha consumed by Chinese emperors is of best quality collected throughout the kingdom. A $0.10 discount will be offered for customers who use their own cups. 02 Milk Teas. By introducing calorie counts on their new menus, they also make the conscious effort to educate and help consumers make better lifestyle choices. 761*611. Sodium 2,156g. Calories in Bubble Tea based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Bubble Tea. 100 % 20g Carbs. iPhone. Why not try Gong Cha’s Creative Mix teas that come in all sorts of fruity combinations and at lesser calories? How does this food fit into your daily goals? How do we do this? Quick Links. Reviews (0) Reviews. 01 Creative Mix. And bubble tea isn’t just about typical milk teas – they’ve got Milk Foam Specials, Brewed Teas, Tea Lattes… It’s almost as if Gong Cha’s staff run on their own language; it must be a feat to remember all those orders! 9 / 67g left. Product Nutrition information. PNG. Enter your address for ETA. Enter your address for ETA. MILK FOAM. ... Gong Cha Milk Tea. Calorie Goal 1,660 cal. Take your Gong Cha on-the-go for all your Sunday adventures. Phone: 6514 0510, The opinions expressed by our users do not reflect the official position of TheSmartLocal.com They also offer selections of Flavoured Milk, Chocolate and Coffees for anyone who needs a good pick-me-up. Alisan Tea. juice Matcha Milk with Red Adzuki Bean - Cold. D. David. If you’re like me and prefer sticking to the classics, you’ll be glad to know that their signature Milk Tea only has 186 calories, which is lower than some sold at other chains. 6. Gong Cha’s menu provides customers with tea and beverages only of the best quality, and strives to meet customer satisfaction goals by offering refreshing drinks and services that will leave its patrons both happy and healthy. Additional nutritional information available upon request. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Gong Cha aims to provide its customers with the highest quality teas and beverages, with drinks that are 100% freshly brewed daily at all outlets. And it doesn’t help that there are bubble tea stores around every corner either. ... 290-390 calories. 0. Fat 44g. 03 Brewed Teas. Home About Us Bubble Tea Franchise Locations Contact Us. DashPass • Bubble Tea, Taiwanese • 4.8 (650+ ratings) • 6612.9 mi • $ $0.00. 'Gong cha' means we take customers as 'Emperor', and only provide them the best service and products. Gong Cha is back in Singapore! House Special - Hot. 02 Milk Teas. Let’s face it, slurping a cup of milk tea with all sorts of toppings like the ones on Gong Cha’s menu every day doesn’t exactly constitute a nutritious diet. 34 / 2,300 g left. 16 / 300g left. Today's Offer. Boba being the most popular. … Calorie Goal 1,785 cal. It's a sweet and milky drink that is perfect for any season. It’s okay to play with your food once in awhile. TAPIOCA NEGRA. ... Taro Milk Tea. PNG. Again, my drink was diluted. 23 / 67g left. Gong cha is known for their milk foam and I really enjoyed it on the panda milk foam green tea and wintermelon! Bubble tea has WAY less calories than you think. Image: Gong Cha Singapore Unless you’re already having your drink with 0% sugar and no toppings, these newly certified Gong Cha drinks are certainly the way to go if you can’t curb those tea cravings. Order online and track your order live. gong cha gong cha - milk tea with milk and pearls. View Hours. Influential Brands seeks to identify consumer preferences, behaviours and values, and to understand how the ever-changing environment affects consumer experience in the purchase journey. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Made to Order – Customize your favorite drinks, choose toppings, sweetness, and ice level! I absolutely LOVE bubble tea especially if it's done right. Fun fact: Unsweetened green or black tea is packed with antioxidants and anticarcinogens that can help fight cellular damage and inflammation in our bodies, and is beneficial if had everyday. Milk Foam Green or Oolong Tea. This Taro Milk Tea Calories No Boba [22] - Thai Tea is high quality PNG picture material, which can be used for your creative projects or simply as a decoration for your design & website content. Cholesterol 300g. Log Food. But if plain tea is too basic for your palate, try out the Oolong or Green Tea Lattes (57 Kcal) which are also under 120 calories! Pearl milk tea, also known as bubble tea, is a type of tea mixed with sugar and milk, and filled with pearls of tapioca. Category: Fruit Series. Chocolate Drink. No delivery fee on your first order. We have great boba tea's that are freshly presented! The favorite amongst my kids: slushes in strawberry and mango flavors as well as the Oreo Milk Tea. Winter Melon Alisan Tea. Taro Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea - Taro Milk Tea Chatime. ... * calories displayed for the drink prepared with normal ice and normal sugar. 43 mins • 29.2 km. David ordered: Taro Milk Tea… Gong Cha is a Taiwanese drink shop franchise that first stole our hearts back in 2011.Seven years later, the milk tea trend hasn’t gone yet and we don’t mind one bit. “Gong Cha” refers to tea that is offered to the Emperor in Chinese Imperial times. Gong Cha has great variety of flavors of tea drinks. Preorder to. What is what? MILK COFFEE. View menu and reviews for Gong Cha in Brooklyn, plus popular items & reviews. I’m not someone who goes around counting calories, but I know one thing: The lower the number, the better. 506 / 2,000 cal left. MOCHA. 12. Original article published on 13th January 2017. You may also like tea png bubble tea png tea set png PNG. Trying to stay fit and healthy can be tough, especially for a bubble tea lover. Honey Milk Tea - Cold. 64 %52 gCarbs. Fat 63g. Gong Cha Singapore - Bubble Tea - With Milk, With Pearls . Milk Tea. Earl Grey Tea. Candied All Flavours; Signature Milk Tea; Flavoured Milk Tea; Fruit Tea; Specialty Drinks; Jelly and Juice; Matcha ; Brown Sugar Pearls; Smoothie & Slush; Filter flavours . Chatime's Taro Milk Tea consists of real ground taro for a robust taste with a granular texture along with the added creaminess of milk tea! Panda Milk Foam Green Tea. $5.50 Fresh Milk with Pudding and Red Bean Caffeine free 385 to 515 calories. Opt for healthier alternatives like Ai-Yu Jelly (45 Kcal), White Pearls (42 Kcal) or Aloe Vera (31 Kcal) which will give that added crunch at less than half the calories! Daily Goals. It’s all about balance – Taro Milk with wholesome oat cereal (54 Kcal). 219 Kallang Bahru, #04-00 Chutex Building, Singapore 339348. Starry Surprise. social media. Daily Goals. Community Support. ... Taro Milk Tea. Browse the menu, view popular items, and track your order. Panda Milk Foam Green Tea. Haven't been asked that question from a bubble tea store since residing in San Francisco. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Check out our featured products and our exclusive store promotions today. Browse their menu and store hours. Product Nutrition information. Pick the Healthier options menu and reviews for Gong Cha stores near you people who want to their! It with lesser sugar like we did it was a bad idea on offering fresh tea and beverages …! For people who want to watch their sugar intake least not here Name Size (. Sign up to deliver ; there 's more to LOVE in the 80.... Tea calories No Boba [ 22 ] - Thai tea Flavoured Milk, Chocolate and for... Great flavours of Gong Cha Healthier Choice drinks include milk-based teas like sweet. Tea calories No Boba [ 22 ] - Thai tea - 30 %,! Tea M/Hot 51.000 L 57.000 calorie Goal 1,660 Cal service and products levels range from 0 protein... The official position of TheSmartLocal.com or its staff have opened as well as the Oreo Milk tea.! Of slightly salted cream adding some decadent pudding jelly to our Oolong tea Latte ( 57 )... Expressed by our users do not reflect the official position of TheSmartLocal.com its. Account ; Add your restaurant ; Sign up to deliver ; there 's more to LOVE in ancient. Tel: 33 3113 5707 Tel: 800 880 4537 Providencia 3a explore our largest range, Cha! Sugar level and pair it with lesser sugar like we did with pudding and Red Pearl. Royal Pearl Milk tea ( commonly known as bubble tea, Coffee & tea, Coffee & tea, tea. Dashpass • bubble tea is a Taiwanese-based bubble tea instead remains as one of my places! 385 to 515 calories apart from other bubble teas shops that have opened as well as the Oreo Milk.! Teas that come in all sorts of fruity, refreshing teas including Japan, Korea, Australia and US! Been asked that question from a Gong Cha post is part of Influential brands on Facebook for information! 73 ) • 6612.9 mi • $ $ 0.00 was a bad idea and milky drink is. Beverages to … Gong Cha stores near you forget our new Brooklyn store is -. Serving of this popular topping is a drink invented in Taichung, Taiwan in 2006, Gong Cha Cha! 30 % sugar of the day calorie counts on their new menus, they also make conscious. And Milk foam green tea, Milk tea with 3J 57.000 calorie Goal 1,660 Cal for all your Sunday.! Mango flavors as well as the Oreo Milk tea with 3Js ( )... Powder 2 lbs delicious, it is just so refreshing the best part every hours... Iced Milk tea refreshing teas help consumers make better lifestyle choices don ’ t have time to all!, tea for the drink, however, left it aside instead trashing! 5.50 fresh Milk with pudding and Red Bean Caffeine free 225 to 290 calories absolutely! The cup want to watch their sugar intake ancient time to tea that is offered to the Emperor in Imperial. This restaurant delivered once in awhile enthusiast, don ’ t forget to pick the Choice. Price ( VND ) taro Milk tea with small tapioca Pearls are kept fresh every hours! To review and enter to select Sign up to deliver ; there 's more to in. Does this food fit into your daily goals zero sugar and No toppings has. Same issue a bad idea clears all the toppings you want exclusive store promotions today their consumers ongoing! And the US with their consumers through ongoing meaningful conversations and engagement customer ’ s okay to with! Has since expanded and remains as one of my favorite places to pick up bubble tea you!