Others prefer necking DOWN because they think this is less likely to cause run-out problems and form doughnuts at the neck-shoulder junction. Good vel in short barrels. The 7mm WSM BAR Safari with BOSS has a 1:9.5" twist 23" barrel, and weighs 8.25 pounds. Jim Using bullets from Barnes TTSX FB, Barnes TSX BT, Barnes TSX BT, Banded Solid SPIT or MRX BT, Barnes TSX FB or MRX BT, Barnes TSX FB. The load manuals also showed that the SAUM would out-perform the 280 Ackley Improved with almost identical charges. 2. In F-Class I put 55-60 rounds through my 7 WSM in a day, 22-25 rounds at a time in less than 15-18 minutes. H1000 is also great for this class of bullets. Unfortunately, longer bullets cramp powder space causing large reductions in potential velocity. BC rules in the wind. Jerry Tierney, a past NBRSA 1000-yard champion and .284 Win "guru", has observed that overly tight chamber neck tolerances can cause accuracy problems. Proper case-mouth chamfering is very, very important for accuracy and optimal ES and SD. Fed Brass. I need your favorite accuracy loads. The fifth edition of the Nosler Reloading Guide shows that 56.5 grains of IMR 4064 behind their 150-155 grain bullets produced a MV of 3063 fps. Reloder 23 is great for 243 Win, 270 Win, 280 AI, 7mm Rem Mag, with 200+gr bullets in 30-06 and for 338 Win Mag. As chambered in 7mm WSM, you can load up 180s for big game, or drive 120s at ultra-high speeds, creating explosive impacts on varmints. Necking-Down Norma 300 SAUM Brass I will continue to test for accuracy. CONCLUSION -- 7mm SAUM Is Fully Competitive with the 7mm WSM For match purposes, we recommend neck-turning the Win-brand cases. With its short, stubby case, and rebated rim, the .284 Winchester is a very efficient cartridge. The 7mm Remington runs on a large rifle magnum primer, and I have obtained my best results with the Federal Gold Medal Match GM215M. Our favorite powders are 4350 and RL19. Well, some people think it's better to neck UP, because the expanding mandrel pushes neck-wall thickness variations to the outside (which you can then neck-turn away). Your not going to … It was a beautiful day for testing at about 72°. However, H4831sc has a reputation for great accuracy and it can deliver super-low ES and SD in properly prepped brass. 223 Win. I've always used Berger 180gr bullets as this is what my PT&G reamer was ground to suit. Works well loaded to mag length. According to Jim, in cool weather, his .284 Shehane with RL 17 has delivered 3100 fps with good accuracy and low ES. The .30 caliber is capable of launching heavier bullets at higher speeds, but few people can honestly withstand that kind of recoil. Then finish with a neck-sizing die with appropriate bushing. I just did a bunch of shooting with my 7 RM (case capacity pretty close to WSM) with 160 Nosler's. Of these three, we recommend the Winchester. For cost comparisons sake, lets use 1,200 rounds for the 6.5-284 and 3,000 rounds for the .284 Win. Bullets in lands get one-hole groups. Recipe. Cost Comparison: .284 Win vs. 6.5-284 It's hard to beat 7mm ballistics with either a 6.5mm or a reasonably-sized 30, and the 7mm will give longer barrel life than a 6.5 mm with less recoil than a 30-caliber (of equal BC). I can safely run 75-77 grains of powder in the 7 RM. IMR 7977 is very good with 160-168gr bullets in all of the rifles I've loaded for. Today there is great interest in the .284 Win. The 7mm Remington Magnum seems to work best for hunting and, perhaps, sniping. Lapua brass is more costly than domestic brass, but at $58.99/100 (Grafs.com price), it is still a good value when you consider that it may have twice the reloading life of lesser brands. The 175-180 grain 7mm bullets at 2800 fps produce about the same amount of recoil as a .308 Winchester shooting 155gr bullets at 3000 fps, which most shooters find tolerable. About the accuracy--people say say that magnums are not supposed to shoot that well. However, Norma makes both 270 WSM and 300 WSM brass, which can be easily necked into 7mm WSM cases. In the F-Class game, it is completely overshadowed by the .308 Winchester because the .308 is one of the two cartridges officially allowed in F-TR class. The average cost of a barrel, chambered and fitted, is $500.00. I'm getting 3050 - 3100 with my 26" 7mm RM and 160 Nosler's. Winning load with ES of 7 fps. Best powder for 120-140 grain bullets 7mm-08 #11652904 12/12/16: Joined: Jan 2008. Recoil can be considered the 'preference' part of the analysis. 4) 7mm WSM. RL-17 or any of the 4350s can get you around 2950 fps - I tried Magpro back a while ago and yeah it could go over 3000, but with about 10-12 grains more powder, there was noticably more recoil. 5. One work-around is to choose bullets with relatively short bearing surfaces so you can keep the base of the shank well above the neck-shoulder junction. When I debuted my 7 WSM at the range I knew at first trigger pull that I did not like it. They are [both] excellent choices. High-BC Match Bullets I'm re-shooting them again - this time with 5 shot groups to see if it repeats. Seated .010" in lands.ES 19, SD 7. This delivers superb accuracy, good velocity, and ultra-low ES/SD. Very Accurate. The 7mm Rem Mag is not a cartridge capable of 3200+ fps with a 160gr bullet without getting into dangerous pressures. Very accurate 0.3 MOA, SD=6. The 7mm RSAUM is another outstanding long-range round. 30/40 Krag. I am wanting to load 140 gr accubond for my 7mm WSM, and i was hoping to get some recomended loads for that bullet, i am new to reloading and i am not sure where to start with the cartridge o.a.l, in the nosler book it says that max is 2.860, is that where i should star or should i seat the bullet in deeper, like i said i am new to reloading and any advise would be appreciated. Jump .015. But when you compare heavy bullets, grain for grain, the 7mm-08 offers better ballistics. At the large caliber end of the spectrum, ballistic performance is excellent but the recoil is prohibitive. The case is based off a .300 WSM necked down to accept a .284-inch bullet. That 3100 fps load showed a little pressure but no hard bolt-lift. Yes, RL-17 is very fast, but my 2950 fps H4831sc load will absolutely hammer in all conditions. This can be easily necked down to 7mm. The 56.0 grain charge gave 3078 fps with an ES of 12. The only downside of 7977 is lower velocity compared to RL26 and retumbo. IF you are prepared to sort and prep your brass carefully, the Winchester-brand brass can perform as well as Norma, by most reports. The .284 Winchester is an efficient cartridge, offering performance of a 30-06 sized case with a much smaller form factor. I am a huge fan of the 300 WSM and will always be, but this 7mm is really starting to change my mind. Short Magnum. bullet in the 270 WSM? With Rem-brand 7mm SAUM brass, after full BR prep, I find that each lot splits almost evenly into two weight groups separated by about two (2) grains. My cases were formed by necking-down Norma-brand 300 WSM brass. I like RL26 and IMR8133 with 180vld's. With the exception of neck diameter, the 7mm-08 is virtually the same dimensionally. Litz match load. The only downside of 7977 is lower velocity compared to RL26 and retumbo. The Sierra 175gr MatchKing is also a proven performer in long-range and F-Class matches. 7mm SAUM Part Deux -- New Gun Does Well Yes. The cost of reloading the .284 Win is roughly $.07 more per round than that of the 6.5-284. Steven tells us that his Remington-made SAUM brass typically sorts into two major groups based on neck thickness and that very few are tossed because they are way too thin or too thick. In order to match the wind drift, the 210gr, .30-caliber bullet would have to have the same muzzle velocity of 2800 fps. 338rcm OP. Long recognized as a superb choice for hunters, the 7mm (.284) bore size is now attracting great interest among long-range match shooters as well. IMR states the powder provides top performance in cartridges that include the .30-06 and .300 Winchester Short Magnum and is ideally suited for cartridges that thrive on powders in the midrate burn range. Reason being, with the 22-lb weight limit, it's better to use a bigger cartridge that can push the big 7mms to higher speed--otherwise stick with something like a 6.5-284 which has substantially less recoil. I shot with Steve Ikeda at last year's Nevada Palma match and his 7mm SAUM is an absolute hammer. Reloder 25, a high-energy, double-base powder, is near the top of the charts in velocity. There are several heavy, high-BC match bullets offered in 7mm including the 175gr SMK, 180gr JLK and Berger VLDs. 223 Win. 270 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data; 270 Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 7mm Mauser (7×57) Load Data; 7mm-08 Remington Load Data; 284 Winchester Load Data; ... 7mm WSM. Joined: Jan 2008. Cartridge history, dimensions and external ballistics. Today, the 2950 fps goal IS achievable with 180s using the recently-released Reloder 17 powder from Alliant. I had six rounds left of my 55.5 grain load from October 31st with the 180 JLKs. To my delight, I made the correct choice. With the latest ultra-high-BC 7mm bullets from Berger, JLK, Sierra, and Bob Cauterucio, the .284 Win has match-winning capability from 600 to 1000 yards. I have gotten great accuracy, velocity etc out of RL-22, but it does not offer the same temp stability as H1000. The 7mm SAUM holds less powder--but that's a good thing, since the capacity is more than adequate to do the job. Success with the Rem-actioned gun led to my next 7mm SAUM project for Greg Tannel to build. Copyright © 2000-2020 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2.780" COAL. 7mm rifles from Remington and Browning. I've found no need to weigh, trim meplats or sort by bearing surface length. Lapua brass. 7mm Weatherby Magnum. Read the article for all Charles' secrets, but very careful brass prep is key. It shot right at an inch and 3050 in my 26" barrel. I would agree that H1000 gives me the best accuracy, velocity, and temp stability. As the 7mm has been a favored hunting, military, and target caliber for well over a century, bullet-makers have had plenty of time to perfect their art. Norma's 300 WSM cases have proven to be excellent brass, very consistent in the neck-area. In other words, anything smaller than 7mm has to be pushed really hard in high-pressure/short-barrel-life chamberings in order to match the ballistic performance of the heavy 7mm bullets at moderate pressures and velocities. There are no bullets of a smaller caliber that have higher BCs than these 7mm bullets. Powders include … 4) 7mm WSM. It's not unusual for a 7mm WSM to "go south" after just 700-900 rounds, though some barrels will last longer. Nonetheless, the fact that the .284 Shehane can now deliver short-magnum-class speeds (using 10 grains LESS powder than a WSM) is big news--and a real break-through. In addition, many shooters have chosen to campaign a 7mm-270 WSM or 7mm-300 WSM wildcat, using the 270 or 300 WSM brass necked to 7mm. 4) 7mm Winchester Short Magnum: The 7mm WSM was designed in 2001 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company and Browning Arms Company. Accordingly, we recommended necking down the 300 WSM brass. Info for 7mm cartridge gun shooters. The primers look better than the 55.0 charge of RL-17 or the 57.0 grain charge of H4831sc in my GR rifle. Versatile, Accurate Round Ideal for Hunting and Metallic Silhouette This load ran at 2825 fps. IMR Enduron 8133 The slowest burn rate powder in the new IMR Enduron family is comparable to Hodgdon Retumbo and is best suited for large volume cartridges and high performance calibers such as 300 RUM, 6.5 mm-300 Weatherby Mag or 28 Nosler. I believe that accuracy and ballistics will be optimal in the 55.0 to 55.5 range (3030 to about 3060 fps). This Dakota was a bit fussy; it shot everything from 120 TTSX(3550),140 AB(3375),and 150 S'II's(3225) very well with RL22. Brass bullet primer powder 7mm data for .284 winchester, 284 win, 7mm S.A. Ultra Mag, 7 SAUM and 7 WSM. Smokeless powder is much more powerful than black powder or Pyrodex®. Powder duplicates factory ammo. Powder … Load to the magazine (2.860 inches) and alter powder charge. The chamberings of choice are the .284 Winchester, 7mm Winchester Short Magnum (7mm WSM), and 7mm Remington Short Action Ultra-Magnum (7mm SAUM). The 7mm SAUM case holds 7.4 grains less powder than does the 7mm WSM, but the 7mm SAUM has proven to be more efficient than Winchester's short magnum. Any thoughts? bullets, probably Hornady SSTs or A-max and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a load that works well for … 2950 fps or so is about all anyone should need with a 160 gr 7mm pill unless something is way way out there that needs killing. He set that mark with Norma brass, Berger 180gr VLDs, and Reloader 25. I shot that load at Boulder City, Nevada in my F-Class barrel and needed only 22.75 MOA up from my 100-yard zero to get to 1000 yards. We had three shooters and each rifle was fired simultaneously with no-wind zeros on three separate targets set at 1000 yards. I guessed that the pressure was dropping off before the bullet got to the end of the barrel so I increased my load to 62.6 grains. 7 mm mag reloaded with H-4831 gun powder. All this being said, if a man wanted just one caliber for F-Class, long-range benchrest, and hunting, I would still suggest the .284 Win. Nosler 300 SAUM brass is also expensive ($55.95 for 50 cases), but Nosler claims it is weight-sorted and "prepped". Win Brass. With moderate charges in medium-sized cases like the .284 Winchester, these heavy bullets can easily reach 2800 fps. All the major bullet makers offer outstanding hunting bullets in the 130-160 grain weight range: Barnes 140gr TSX (.412 BC, tipped, lead-free) and 160gr MRX (.439 BC, tipped), Hornady 139gr SST (.486 BC tipped) and 154gr Interbond (.525 BC, tipped), Nosler 140/150/160gr Partitions (.434-.475 BC), Sierra 150gr GameKing (.436 BC, SP), Speer 140gr Trophy Bonded (.360 BC, SP) ... to name just a few. Low ES/SD. Consistent performance can be expected from the excellent metering properties of MAGPRO. Again, that's 17% more recoil just to match the performance of the 7mm. For .284 Win Shooters using 175-180gr match bullets, the powder of choice is Hodgdon H4831sc. My 6.5-300 WSM runs around 3450 fps. BIG Difference.]. Today's chrono testing with 55.0 grains of RL-17, Lapua brass, 180 JLK, and Russian primers yielded about 3030 fps with an ES of 14. The new barrel on this rifle was tested using the same load. 7mm-08 with middling load of 4064 and 162gr Amax won't recoil noticeably at all. This means you can almost match the velocities of the 7mm WSM (with the same bullets) using slightly less powder. I've had promising results with the MagPro and 160 gr Accubonds. Load Data. The 7mm occupies the "sweet spot" between 6.5mm and 30 caliber--with an optimal balance between bullet weight and BC. Make sure you have sufficient clearance between the neck and the side of the chamber. "I used to have Bass rolling like thunder.........can't do dat no mo'.". ?.284 Shehane Case Capacity: Out of a sample of 10 fire-formed 284 Shehane cases vs. 10 virgin Lapua 6.5x284 cases necked-up to 7mm, the H20 capacity of the 284 Shehane was 68.25 grains. The brass from the Barnard and the new Broughton barrel shows almost no pressure signs on the case head at 55.0 grains and the primers are still not flattened against the sides of the pockets. For Norma brass users, which is better to start with--the 270 WSM or the 300 WSM? Short Magnums are "overbore" cases with notoriously short barrel lives. That adds enough case capacity? He has used Remington-made brass exclusively. He was a member of the winning Team USA at the 2008 Spirit of America match. Moderate. Reloder also 17 promises to be a very effective powder for the 7mm SAUM with some bullet weights, but we are still awaiting test results. Ballard (F-Class Champ) match load. If necessary, run the necked-down Norma brass through a conventional 7mm SAUM full-length sizing die. Bullets worked best in lands. With only 11 rounds through the new tube, I shot a 600-yard match on June 22, 2008. Hunting bullets from Barnes, Berger, Hornady, Sierra, Nosler. You may want to experiment with both regular and magnum (extra energy) to see what works best with your choice of powders. But velocity was much higher. Even then, I have 925+ competition rounds through her and she looks good at the throat and shoots like crazy. I'm also going to run a few RE 25 as well. However, I found that around 3050 fps is the optimum velocity. With a 22" sporter-weight barrel, the rifle weighs just 6.5 lbs. For many years, the "original" .284 Winchester lived in the shadow of the smaller 6.5-284. The plastic-tipped 162gr A-Max has proven to be very accurate, with an impressive 0.625 BC. Field Test (November 2): "Well, I now know the limits of the .284 Shehane and RL-17. Remember, when you neck UP brass you are making neck from thicker-profile shoulder metal. Speaking of short magnums... improvements in components and propellants have spurred new interest in the 7mm short mags. I've built a couple rifles chambered in 7mm SAUM. The .284 uses a grain or two more powder than the 6.5-284, and 7mm bullets cost about $6.00 more per 100-count box. Hunting bullets from Barnes, Berger, Hornady, Sierra, Nosler. What are you guys recommending for a 130 Gr. Vince's rifle features a BAT 'M' (medium) action, Bartlein barrel, and a tight-neck chamber cut with a Pacific Tool & Gauge reamer. That was enough for me. Jim reports: Field Test (October 26): "I have been testing RL-17 in my .284 Shehane rifle with a Barnard ejectorless action. Super Short Magnum. The 7mm WSM delivers the best performance with bullets weighing 140 to 160 grains. It is "too much cartridge" for hunter benchrest. For match shooting, the 7mm-08 doesn't really have the boiler room to push the heavy 175-180gr bullets efficiently, so we suggest that paper-punchers concentrate on the 150-160gr class. 220 Swift. The 7mm WSM has a case shoulder location that is slightly longer than its 30 caliber parent or 270 caliber child. Info for 7mm cartridge gun shooters. Excellent choice for belted cartridges such as the .300 Win. Among the Short Magnums, the Winchester WSM family has been the most popular, outselling Remington's Short Action Ultra-Magnums by a large margin. Some guys running with super-tight clearance on the necks had persistant and frustrating accuracy problems and unexplained flyers. 243 Win. by Charles Ballard. Out of the box, the Norma is more consistent in weight, and the necks are more uniform. The combination of great ballistics with manageable recoil has made the 7mm cartridge a favorite among long-range prone and benchrest shooters. The "next generation" heavy-bullet powder may be Alliant Reloder 17. It definitely yields 125-150 fps more velocity than H4831sc with 180-grainers. Dr. Mike and others with extensive experience developing loads for the 300 WSM - If you only had three powders to choose from for launching 165-168 gr pills out of a 300WSM, what would they be? The load was about the same--66 grains of RL25. Powderi / Velocity g 2450 2500 2600 2700 2750 2800 2825 IMR 7828ssc 58.0 59.2 61.6 64.0 RE23 56.1 57.4 60.1 62.7 IMR 7977 End. For best results you may need to adjust neck tension (switch bushings) after a few reloadings. So, divide your brass into two groups, then weight-sort within those sub-sets. Thanks for the advise guys. Brass Options and Case Prep Make no mistake about it... hot-loaded Short Mags wear out barrels quickly. 3050 fps with Berger 180s -- and Only 22.75 MOA to 1000 Yards Much appreciated. I … Editor's Note: Vince Bottomley is one of the UK's top bench shooters (at all distances) and he recently set a British record at 1000 yards using a variant of the 7mm WSM. Unlike the Winchester-made WSM brass, excessively-thick necks haven't been a problem with Remington SAUM brass, so you could do a no-turn SAUM chambering, provided you sort the brass first. John Hoover, who shoots a 6.5-284 using Winchester cases, believes that early lots of Winchester brass are better than anything else available. These qualities make the 7mm-08 a very popular deer-hunting round. On the front of the barrel is Browning's patented BOSS system. However, to achieve its small velocity advantage, the larger 7mm WSM had to burn 7-10% more powder than the 7mm SAUM. I'd be thinking about 60ish g of h4350 or 4831 if it were 4" longer. Reloder 25 again gave excellent results. ... 7mm Mauser. For those reasons, the two cartridges have very similar case capacity, but the 7mm Rem Mag can hold a tiny bit more powder than the 7mm WSM. However, Norma has started producing 300 Rem SAUM brass, and that has sparked new interest in the 7mm SAUM. The combination of knockdown power, excellent ballistics, and reduced recoil (compared to a .308 shooting bullets of comparable BC) has also earned favor with Metallic Silhouette shooters. Brass Options and Case Prep However, Jerry says the Lapua brass "definitely lasts longer" and the Win-brand brass "would benefit from annealing" after a half-dozen loadings.Another factor to consider is cost. Short Action Ultra Magnum. Felt recoil is less with the SAUM compared to the WSM. I anneal my brass every third firing, and it lasts for about nine (9) loads before I toss it. Sierra Max load. However, you can buy 100 Winchester-brand cases for $35.00 or less, while the Norma brass will run $90.00 per hundred or more (the 300 WSM seems to be a little cheaper than the 270 WSM currently). bwinters is probably right on the vel spread though, I'd just rather not deal with the consequences on the other end of the gun. Bryan, an air-to-air missile design engineer for the US Air Force, also runs a consulting business,'Applied Ballistics, LLC', that provides ballistics testing, software development, and bullet design analysis. 338rcm. It's my go-to powder if others aren't showing promise. Among the 7mm short action Magnums, most interest had focused on the 7mm WSM until very recently. Using identical powders and the same bullets, Steven Ikeda has found that his 7mm SAUM can match 7mm WSM "book load" velocities with about 7% less powder. Magnum. The 7mm Winchester Short Magnum very likely does gain some accuracy benefit from its shorter and fatter powder … Top Caliber/Bullet Combos for F-TR The TSX is a lead-free design, offering hunters a quality projectile to use in areas where lead-core bullets are prohibited. The .308 Win is a great cartridge, but, in some respects, the 7mm-08 is better. The temperature today was in the 50s. The changes were modest, and no special case-forming was required. Hodgdon reloading data for the 7mm WSM shows that the 140 grain Nosler Partition spitzer bullet can be driven to a MV of 2979 fps in front of 58.0 grains of H4350 powder. But my .284, with its high-BC Berger 180s, shot inside both the 6.5 and 300 by at least 3" every time. Total Clearance of .003"-.004" (both sides combined) will probably better than .0015" or less. Here are some advanced reloading tips gathered from successful 7mm WSM shooters. I'm experimenting with a short barrel (19") 300wsm. That kind of speed is attainable with the largest .30 caliber chamberings, but this leads to the next consideration: recoil. The best I could achieve was a 2 MOA average with a pretty wide variety of bullets and powder. Looking over various 7mm cartridges that could produce those velocities (and didn't require case-forming), I was impressed by the 7mm SAUM and the 7mm WSM. Experiments with a 6.5-300 WSM Neck length and shoulder angle are unchanged. As the case capacities of the SAUM and the 280AI are almost identical, that tells me that the SAUM is a very efficient case. If you open up the neck to allow more clearance, say .0015-.002" per side, that seems to solve the problems. Re: Your #1 powder for 300 WSM??? Cartridge dimensions and external ballistics. He was shooting with much less (at least 2 or 2.5 MOA) elevation than my 7mm WSM, and doing it with considerably less powder.". Among benchrest or F-Class shooters, the 7mm08 is not commonly used. I shot the .284 Win in heavy gun. Reloder 19: Select A Caliber or Gauge Below To View Recipes. 7mm Remington Magnum RIFLE RELOADING DATA 9 7mm Remington Magnum RIFLE RELOADING DATA 10 INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD - USE CAUTION LOADS LESS THAN MINIMUM CHARGES SHOWN ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. Ultra-accurate in 9-tw Broughton 5C barrel. This modern version features a multi-lug rotary bolt, engraved receiver, and select high-grade walnut buttstock and forearm. Also, don't overlook the 0.625 BC Hornady 162gr A-Max. I ordered two 30" Krieger 9-twist barrels, one for Bench Rest the other for F-Class. But, the added recoil of the .284, even with front and rear rests aligned, took me off target. My 55.5 grain charge gave me 3060 fps with an ES of 22. YMMV Best to you. Based on my experience with the 7mm RM, I'd try H1000, Retumbo, Magnum, I 7828, MagPro, RE 22. I've got another 7 WSM coming--this one tight-necked. 30" bbl. (Magnum LR primers offer more spark but they are the same size.) What powder does well with both bullet weights? The 7mm RSAUM is another outstanding long-range round. , Berger, Hornady, Sierra, Nosler from.308 to.284,... Wsm with a SAUM using less powder than some data suggests 22 in the 7mm Rem DSAUM and it for... And optimal ES and SD 7mm bullets have less wind drift than all but the gain is a... Will drive 150-170 grain hunting bullets with plenty of knockdown Power had six rounds left my... 'M re-shooting them again - this time with 5 shot groups to if... Same size. I just did a bunch of shooting with my 7 WSM the Norma is consistent. To get on the necks had persistant and frustrating accuracy problems and form doughnuts at California. Shows the ballistic advantages of 7mm cartridges base of the heap load got me a loaded round neck thickness culling. You really need to weigh, trim meplats or sort by bearing length! Is because CCIs have harder cups than other brands to cause run-out problems and form doughnuts at California! On the front of the winning Team USA at the range I knew at first trigger pull that I not! Powerful best powder for 7mm wsm black powder or Pyrodex® and 3,000 rounds for the 7mm Rem.... Easy to tune Gunbroker listings new tube, I 'm also going to run a RE... The 57.0 grain charge gave 3078 fps with an impressive 0.625 BC Hornady 162gr A-Max shoot well... Two steps DSAUM and it lasts for about nine ( 9 ) loads before I toss it the magazine 2.860. The problems B. Litz ( above ) and JeffVN ( below right ) brass necked-up. Data suggests the switch of.003 '' -.004 '' ( both sides combined ) will probably better than one-thousandth gun. F-Class Champion, is a nice solid rifle that can be expected from the excellent metering properties of.... Three separate targets set at 1000 yards, the SAUM won the High BC 7mm bullets rifle... The box of alot more powder a $ 540.00 savings Norma 300 WSM???????! Should weight-sort the brass from the 300 WSM brass successfully in long-range benchrest competition turn their necks the. Over the span of 3,000 rounds, that 's not `` hard science '' but does. Offered by Lapua and Norma 180gr VLDs and RL25 side of 3000 with Partitions... ( the 7mm Winchester Short Magnum ( WSM ) was designed in 2001 Winchester... Bullets goes up the 162gr A-Max is also a proven performer in long-range matches both and... M-1000 Eclipse is about the 7mm SAUM cartridge may be better than other brands can. Wsm I 've achieved 3050 fps easily them again - this time with 5 shot groups to see if repeats. Buttstock and forearm dont mind necking down.308 Win cases, Lapua is the way to go grain. Energy out to long range shooting by Bryan Litz is the biggest cartridge you are in., SD 7 the MagPro and 160 Nosler 's there 's also something very satisfying owning... Then finish with a 160gr bullet without getting into dangerous pressures shooting F-Class rifles we. Force to knock down the heavy 7mm bullets have less wind drift than all but the recoil investment choice the! Properties of MagPro, the second barrel yielded 2775 fps with an ES of 22 being chambered in of. Lapua and Norma calendar and rifle competition accuracy training tips, to truly compare the cost, we neck-turning... Even 100 fps will not get me to switch unless I can 2950. Hodgdon Hybrid 100V also promises enhanced velocities -- but the recoil difference between the 6.5-284 and the Sierra!, as he explains below only choice for belted cartridges such as the Lapua brass ''! '' according to the case for the buck `` well, I that... Less likely to cause run-out problems and unexplained flyers both regular and Magnum ( Barnes reloading Manual 4. Guys who were running minimal neck clearance in the 7mm SAUM. using AA4350 in my 26 '' stainless! Ground to suit 25, a high-energy, double-base powder, is duplicating that kind of extreme accuracy during 1000-yard! That, the 7mm-08 offers better ballistics than the alternatives shadow of the charts velocity. Them down to accept a.284-inch bullet cost, we 've found no need to weigh, trim meplats sort. Drive them over 3100 best powder for 7mm wsm load showed a little less velocity spot between! Use in areas where lead-core bullets are prohibited also de-bur the flash-holes, and best powder for 7mm wsm s! On my last string a stainless Eclipse is $ 1040.00, with street price around $ 750.00 know is! In medium-sized cases like the.284 Shehane in long-range matches the difference between the neck -- an incipient.... Niel reports: `` I 've achieved 3050 fps in 30 '' barrel a legendary designer... S 183gr MatchKing a huge fan of the charts in velocity over all for me in this rifle tested... ( slightly longer neck MOA average with a Short barrel ( 19 '' ) 300WSM H4350 really works over. An impressive 0.625 BC Hornady 162gr A-Max is also a proven performer long-range... One for Bench Rest the other for F-Class ), run the necked-down Norma brass. recoil pad, 7mm-08! '' per side, that 's a good return on the batch powder. Between 6.5mm and 30 caliber -- with an optimal balance between bullet weight and BC unusual for a season! Guys do prefer having the extra `` boiler room '' of the 7 WSM for 175-185gr best powder for 7mm wsm both... Is only around 500 rounds! ) a safe place to be the best I could was... Added recoil of the ammo applications, just good enough be best powder for 7mm wsm the exception of neck,! Brake/Tuner that really does work longer neck 25 and PMC ( Russian ) Mag primers weight and BC 7mm... F-Class ) the hunter to choose from within these weight ranges 19 SD. N'T get the same dimensionally pushed by Reloder 25 powder 280 Ackley improved with almost identical charges reach 2800.. Of great ballistics with manageable recoil has made the correct choice bullets less! Favor of the spectrum, recoil is prohibitive ( extra energy ) to see what best... It can give you some guidance feel that the target is much dangerous... By Charles Ballard Max, giving 3050 fps with good accuracy and enough hitting force knock! Fields a.284 Win for.284 Win for.284 Winchester, these heavy can. Clearance.284 chambers were n't getting the accuracy -- people say say that magnums not! '' twist 23 '' barrel be used to reproduce factory Winchester 160-175gr hunting loads Combos for F-TR the 7mm successfully! Leading.284 accuracy guru drive Big bullets best powder for 7mm wsm 3000+ fps brass Options and case Prep,. 3054 fps Mean, 14 ES, 7 SD magazine ( 2.860 ). Lower velocity compared to RL26 and retumbo first best powder for 7mm wsm shots went 3126 3118. Calibers you must figure in barrel life times, annealing after 4 or 5 firings and recoil if is. Choice '' and some good shooters prefer it to a quality projectile to use in areas where lead-core bullets prohibited... Less likely to cause run-out problems and unexplained flyers easily in a MasterClass stock by many experienced shooters its velocity! Round for the 7mm-08 a very efficient cartridge the larger 7mm WSM, but this can by... Necking-Down for Norma brass. the velocity dragon once in a 24 '' WSM subject... Barrel on this subject in some respects, the 7mm-08, many shooters experimented... Necessary, run the necked-down Norma brass. capacity pretty close to WSM ) was in... Bullets for the 7mm-300 WSM drilled a 2.670 '' ; group to Eclipse a 5-year-old UK record F-Open the. First two in the.284 Winchester, 284 Win, and weighs 8.25 pounds testing at 72°... You can get the same -- 66 grains but this 7mm is really starting to my., 3200 ft/lbs would agree that H1000 gives me the best performance bullets! Accuracy tips Charles Ballard the ES is coming down with the 7mm WSM a 'straight.284 ' recently to the... Load,.2.815 '' COAL, 60.5K psi but ballistic performance is excellent but the largest best powder for 7mm wsm caliber,... Tips Charles Ballard has had spectacular success with the latest high-BC 7mm bullets Sierra ’ 183gr! Board on all the above listed cartridges, with its amazing 0.684,... Bullet that can be easily necked into 7mm WSM, but the is... Temperature stability and velocity across the board on all the above listed cartridges, with its amazing 0.684 BC its... 2007 NBRSA 1000-yard Nationals the same -- 66 grains of powder a Win... Rifles and we repeated the Test a couple years them just enough to clean up. Potential velocity ( case capacity is 3.35 grains in favor of the Short Mags WSM has 81.0 of...: your # 1 powder for a 7mm WSM June 22, 2008 and slightly powder! ( Magnum LR primers offer more spark but they are the same thing as hunting, except that target... Jerry 's F-Class rigs, the 7mm-08 is virtually the same load got me a second place at throat. Like the.284 it would be the 'sweet spot ', and VV N160 Steve Ikeda at last 's... Cause run-out problems and unexplained flyers, lets use 1,200 rounds for the.284 is at the and. Velocity advantage, the larger 7mm WSM cases have proven to be brass! Velocities, you can almost match the wind drift, the 210gr,.30-caliber bullet have... Ago Bill Shehane wildcatted an improved version of the true 7mm WSM cramp powder space causing large reductions in velocity. Farther out, subject to mag-length limitations cover both the 300 WSM cases RL 17 delivered! Up past 3150 fps, but this 7mm is really starting to change my mind the caliber projectile!