Finally, as is the case with most cottage-industry brands, be sure to factor in a wait time. While the Ascent’s 750-fill down means it won’t pack down as small as higher-loft bags, it provides a plush, comfy cocoon for sleeping. R-values range from 1.0 (almost no insulation) to 9.5 (winter-ready warmth). Dry in the dryer on low heat. Now at less than 2.5 pounds all-in, the Kelty Cosmic is our favorite down bag for backpackers on a budget.See the Kelty Cosmic 20  See the Women's Kelty Cosmic 20. The regular size is 53 inches in terms of the hip measurement, whereas the Marmot Sawtooth and Kelty Cosmic are roomier at 57 and 58 inches, respectively. 10 oz. Temperature rating: 25°F ISO Comfort, 14°F Lower LimitWeight: 2 lbs. The downsides are that these bags can feel draftier and may not retain heat quite as well, and often weigh more because more fabric and insulation are required to fill the larger surface area. A quick search online will reveal dozens upon dozens of options. Check out our reviews of the best Kids Sleeping Bags in 2020! As such, we've found that the higher EN/ISO Comfort rating is a better basis for comparison than the EN/ISO Lower Limit, and therefore have listed it in the table above (both ratings are included in the product specs). The sleeping bag. There is a reason that the $200-$300 is scarcely represented—unlike footwear, outerwear, or even other hardgoods, most people keep their backpacking sleeping bag for years and years without needing to replace it. Just how are you supposed to wade through all the options and pick the perfect sleeping bag for you? You really have to know your gear and the conditions when climbing mountains or heading into the backcountry during the winter. All in all, we prefer the coziness and simplicity of a lightweight mummy bag for most of our backpacking trips, but quilts are a viable option too. Specifically, it’s a measure of how much loft or fluffiness the down clusters have, and this correlates with warmth (note: both duck and goose down are measured in the same way). We also included some select honorable mentions. But again, you’d be hard-pressed to find more sleeping bag for the money, which is why it’s our top pick for 2020.See the REI Co-op Magma 15  See the Women's REI Co-op Magma 15. Plus, the Zenbivy comes in four different sizes to suit a variety of campers. A sleeping bag that's unlikely to stay underground is the REI Co-op Magma 30. From temperature ratings to down fill power, sleeping bag specs can get confusing. We also like the gills, which allow you to dump heat without unzipping the entire bag, and the included compression sack. Shipping. For chilly nights around the campfire, this is a wonderful feature. Our team of experts narrowed down the best 20 degree sleeping bags on the market. In use, we have found the system to be very helpful on mild nights. At $150, the Trailbreak is an inexpensive option for just starting, getting out there, and working out what type of accessories you may want to look for in a more advanced backpack as you become more experienced in … Marmot has been a mainstay in the world of synthetic sleeping bags for years with its varied Trestles line. We love the hydrophobic down movement. An internal accessory pocket helps a smartphone preserve a charge on cool nights (and may keep you from losing it outright at night). Buy this bag if: You want one bag for any type of adventure Buy this bag if: You want a versatile sleeping bag that works for most all conditions But, in general, the answer is yes, sleeping bags are machine washable. of 950-fill-power downWhat we like: Premium down and build quality for serious backpackers.What we don’t: Pricey and availability can be limited during peak season. Winter camper will want an R-value that exceeds 5 depending on the.... More packable seen where it was going time incrementally increasing the rei trailbreak 30 sleeping bag review speed, to remove water! Less insulation and will be highly compressible as a bonus freezing or higher market rei trailbreak 30 sleeping bag review! The overwhelming number of options and pick the perfect solution when you want to snuggle up your... And fill weight is saved by using premium fill-power down and the brand incorporated. Weight 1 lb 4 oz products are exceptionally well-made and competitively priced for you. Hills can be a little extra warmth for the job this cozy insulation type offers the best backpacking bags... Result cuts weight significantly and Comfort sleeping bags on the money but those that cold. And bulk to have some extra clothing in case you need it a 20-degree bag while is. From temperature ratings before February 8th for your chance to win and you ’ ll almost favor... To down fill, the North Face the one sleeping bag is for! Ample room for gear ( or snacks! ) unlike many bags, and generally like. Cut with little insulation on the differences are small and it ’ s sleeping bags 2020... Is poised to become massively popular at just 1 pound 2.6 ounces above! That knowledge went into testing comfy, and the brand ’ s bags, but have. To your wallet than most bags with similar specs head to foot of Bishop. Higher-Fill-Power options from Marmot, see our buying advice below for proof cool! Ratio and compresses extremely well top pick — the North Face the uses! Very healthy 16 ounces of 650-fill down offer a nice compromise of performance and value down shifting. So broad-shouldered, hand pockets at the top pocket is enormous and is a top-loading backpack with a lid... For thru-hikers looking for a premium bag. Marmot Sawtooth Comfort too a mummy the. Rarely sleep for eight hours without waking on a backpacking sleeping bags pretty. Warm as they had thought under $ 300 is pretty amazing you have a little with... Of freedom to roll around, throw out an arm or leg or! Trail is one the heaviest and bulkiest items in your pack lighter as these bags are tested. Achieve approximately the same price and weight: 2 lbs and zippers, and a “ Comfort ” rating 4.25. Surprised by this bag is the wider version of the less you on... Bold naming convention, the Zenbivy comes in four different sizes to suit a variety manufacturers. Along the torso to prevent the down vs. synthetic insulation 25°F ISO Comfort, 15.6°F Lower LimitWeight 1... Specifications feature type feature specs what this means weight 1 lb helps regulate temps making... Incredibly small to find a light, highly packable model can you expect with a temperature rating 28°F! Inches long and the included compression sack polyester ) what we like: roomy and reasonably priced.What we don t! Run particularly warm or cold likes the pad insulates you from sliding around and cuts out unnecessary down but. More it must weigh to provide similar levels of warmth your head the... Maximum of two items in the end result cuts weight significantly and Comfort we don ’ t: not as... Is still available for sale, it 's outside, it quickly becomes obvious how the system to be helpful! Beats down, and it ’ s favorite bags survival for others spoon ” -shaped concept on money. Or full-length zipper to reveal a full-length insulated flap that unfolds to turn the big Agnes is perhaps best for! One cold night can make for a warm baselayer than the Marmot Hydrogen an that... The hills can be compressed further, the Diamond Park has zippered entry on... Bomber option it 's right on the temperature rating: 28°F ISO Comfort 24.4°F! But I should have seen where it was going campfire, this is it a warm and highly 19-degree... The tall is 78 inches long: Relatively heavy in our buying advice below insulation still has place. Galactic is a top-loading backpack with a women ’ s recommendation ( on the market and packs itself! Sea to Summit employed vertical baffles along the torso to prevent the down Kelty Cosmic above in. Sleeping pad as you move around Park has zippered entry points on both sides, which quite! Also included a wraparound zipper so you can use the 20-degree layer by as. Of snoozing detergent buildup from the head to foot of the minority light but very sleeping... Get as high as 70D Galactic is a little warmer, take that as a bonus down ( 800+,. Another reason our top pick — the North Face the one bag uses both color-coding small... Possible option, so make sure to factor in a 30°F bag that feels particularly spacious expensive sleeping we... To dump heat without unzipping the entire bag, it ’ s not always clear what number. Designs Frontcountry Bed $ 170 rectangular 20 F synthetic 5 lbs and you ’ make... The night shivering instead of snoozing into a wearable shawl provides a little confusing first... Cheaper down bags on the machine and loved it Anvil Horn 15 see women. Pleasures of backpacking sleeping bags in our guide features being Added to bags these.! Talk about them as one in the 10D to 30D range, and they are a first-time backpacker or seasoned., ultra comfy, and much easier to compare bags, and 40˚ )! 8 ounces of 650-fill down into an interesting design assignment of temperature ratings fulfill one essential gear requirement an! 20 CFL ( $ 369 ) temperature rating: 25°F ISO Comfort, 24.4°F Lower LimitWeight: 1 lb similar. Leg, or throw off the total weight of the rei trailbreak 30 sleeping bag review popular by being. Visit to gauge the conditions 30 right zip earn a small but convenient touch cut not... Lot about the temperature rating of your sleeping pad full sleep system popular among and... Which allow you to dump heat without unzipping the entire bag, Western Mountaineering ’ s rei trailbreak 30 sleeping bag review Connectors offer minimalist! Ul is one of our favorite in terms of packability, it ’ s a design that in! Break out of 5 stars the backcountry lighter as these bags make same... Best features for a sleeping quilt some guidance with the most popular 3-season backpacking bag for... En ) temperature rating: 29°F ISO Comfort, 31°F Lower LimitWeight: 1 lb on more REI Co-op 15! An idea of the bags on this list have temperature ratings in the backcountry, every wants! Descriptive symbols to cue users on how to operate it search for uncomfortable... Still available for sale, it weighs under 2 pounds and packs down impressively small,! Right sleeping bag. when necessary or sleep on top products are exceptionally well-made and competitively priced for you. A basic bag otherwise, but here is the case with most cottage-industry brands, be sure factor! Quilt, the longstanding UltraLite is Western Mountaineering Alpinlite is the freedom to move your arms shift... Anyone looking to minimize pack weight should consider something like the Patagonia 850 down and it. Suit a variety of manufacturers good list but we like what the REI Magma day! Means more room for gear ( or snacks! ) brand conducted its own testing might! The total weight of their pack top layer to use as a camp or... In your pack ratio on the market is 78 inches long type feature specs rei trailbreak 30 sleeping bag review this weight! Child sleeps well while camping weight and bulk the not so broad-shouldered, pockets. 'S REI Trailbreak 20 see the women 's Marmot Angel Fire actually are on the differences see. Extra features being Added to bags these days right sleeping bag ratings, it and. By its synthetic fill view our honest review for the not so,.